“It all started at VPG” - National Champion, Bence Pistyúr, to Konstans


Bence Pistyúr, a P.E. teacher at Váci Piarist High School (VPG - Váci Piarista Gimnázium), and National champion, of the 2021 long-distance triathlon, answered our questions.

In your statement to MTI, you said that an enormous amount of invested work was put in your victory. How enormous was that invested work?

My admiration towards the Ironman has been in me since 14. I'd heard of it from my P.E. teacher. When I got to know the distances - 3.8 km (2.36 mi) swimming, 180 km (111.85 mi) cycling, 42 km (26.1 mi) running - I knew I must do it.

So, as it usually happens, it all started at VPG.

I started consciously training for this in 2014. I gradually expanded the time of my training. I recently spend 18 - 20 hours with training and I try to exploit my free time on school breaks by increasing my workout. At such times, I do workouts for around 25 - 28 hours. But because that's not my way to make a fortune, my days require serious logistics. Generally, I have 2 serious workouts a day: one at early in the morning, and, if I'm lucky, one in a hole hour or in the evening. I only have time for longer extant trainings on weekends.

What was the 1st thing you did after crossing the finish line? You didn't seem sad...

I just couldn't believe this really happened to me. I was cheerful that my work of the past years was lucrative. I know the amount of sacrifices I had to make in order to be champion.

A dream of mine came true. Of course, I couldn't have done it by myself. A loving and supporting family stands by me, that not only helps at races, but also bears me on weekdays and weekends. They adapt to me in terms of my schedule and encourage me in hard times.

What did you feel before the finish line? Were there difficult parts?

This was my 5th long-distance triathlon, and looking back to my previous years, I surprisingly slept well the day before. Before, I was always afraid, but last Sunday, I excitedly waited for the start. I was standing in the water of Lake Balaton with excitement. Needless to say, there were tough segments. I didn't enjoy the last 60 km (37.28 mi) of cycling. The temperature rose higher, the wind blew stronger. I also had some problems with my digestion, which, luckily, I could get through successfully. After cycling, the first 5 km (3.11 mi) were hard. I was focused on the remaining 37 km (22.99 mi).

Bence Pistyúr, completed the Ironman within 9h 6m 52s with Péter Szilágyi on the 2nd place and Botond Plesz on the 3rd place following him. - reported the NSO.

Highlighted Photo: Benedek Ókovács / Konstans

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