Polish Franciskan monk beaten to death


A Polish priest died in his injuries; he was found in a park next to the city of Warsaw.
The 35-year-old monk was beaten to death; investigations have been instituted in the case.

On the night of November 11, 2021, a Polish Franciscan monk was deadly injured in park in Siedlce and was later pronounced dead in the hospital - reports the Mandiner with information from polsatnews.pl. Reports say the 35-year-old Father Maksymilian Adam Świerżewski was gone for a night-time walk and his other companions only took notice of his absence in the morning of Friday. Meanwhile, in the Aleksandria Park, the man was found unconscious between 8 PM and 9 PM, heavily bruised from the kicks and hits of the perpetrator(s). By time he was delivered to the nearest hospital, the doctors could not help keeping him alive, thus he was dead by midnight after suffering from his injuries.

Father Maksymilian was the member of the Order of Friars Minor 16 years ago and was ordained priest 9 years ago. By the information from his companions, he was an eager and liked priest. He was popular due to his trustworthiness - not only in Poland was he a priest, but also, he had done pastoral work in Belarus as well.

"The passing of a priest so eager and kind can only fill our hearts with grief." - written by the Franciscans in a message sent to KAI. The members of the order have asked everyone to pray for their deceased companion's salvation, and for his grieving family and community. As they've said, they forgive the perpetrator(s) and can only hope they'll find the way to God.

"The death of this priest shall be the core of new priestly and religious professions." 

- stated the Polish Francescans.

In the case of Maksymilian Adam Świerżewski, the police have begun the investigational proceddings; the result of autopsy is promised to be released on Wednesday night. In the statement of the District Prosecutor's Office of Siedlce, the criminal act is labeled as "fatal beating", but as the result of autopsy will have been made, the reason of death, and the mechanism of action could be found out and the case would be requalified as "murder". The police, after examining the location, will interrogate the witnesses. The brutal killing was even brought up in the Polish Parliament.

Header photograph: Fakt.pl/Mandiner

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