Various results, joy & drama - the recent accomplishments of Hungarian soccer


In 2020, we won our group in the Nations League and got the opportunity to watch the UCL in person; needless to say, we excitedly waited for this season. The results are ambivalent: let's see what has happened this year.

This summer, our national football team performed on UCL where our team could also play on our national field. This gave us, the watcher of soccer, and - as the statements show - the team an indescribable experience as well. The 2 equals versus the French and German were only the cherry on top. Despite our defeat from Portugal (3 - 0), this year of soccer started pretty good.

After these, of course, the disappointment of Hungary still not getting the chance to play in the FIFA World Cup was present. We've been waiting for this miracle for 4 decades now. One of the most annoying facts is that although the team has put everything into their game, they scored 4 points against Poland and 1 point against England, only the implementation of the easier job was missed, hence with Albania, neither could we score any points at home nor abroad. The incomprehensible results demoralized the players as well as the fans.

However, just look at the facts: we've got 6 wins, 5 equals, and 4 defeats. Judging by these numbers, our season was not as bad as we feel it now by the disappointment with FIFA.

Never forget that we got the chance to play in the UCL where we did it pretty well. Though we didn't get the chance to play in FIFA, the victory against Poland was a nice ending of the qualifying series, and with that, the team was finally able to rest. Marco Rossi is optimist as well; he's definitely going to be on the top of the soccer team until 2025. Newbies were inaugurated, the team kept being rejuvenated, thus we've got nothing to worry about in the future.

The Hungarian soccer team's term this year - in contra with its perfect term in 2020 - was like a roller coaster, but in total, we have nothing to be ashamed of as we've got no reason to.

In 2021, our reports of the team's performance will continue; the 1st match could be held in March, where we'll play a preparatory match - the opposite team is unknown yet. Go Hungary!

Edited 27/11/2021

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