Tidal became free


As it shows, Tidal wants to catch up to Apple Music and Spotify and with novelties, this has an absolute chance.

Users can browse from more than 80 million songs, and they'll also be able to enjoy their music without any fees after signing up. This means, more ads will appear to the users. - wrote the iPon.

Ads will be showed in various ways at Tidal (as well). Pre-selected playlists will be provided in the basic plan, free of charge, and these will be put together by experts, so people can enjoy music. It's also important to mention that in the basic plan the maximum quality will be 160 kb/s (AAC) which is the same as Spotify's.

A part of the novelty is that with a more superior plan, 2 people can enjoy HiFi quality, nothing else.

The basic PAID plan will be available at $10/mo. with the option of HiFi quality; and there's also going to be a HiFi Plus plan at $20/mo.

The subscribers can say goodbye to ads in the first place. Both plans are free from ads. In addition to the more favorable prices, users will have a sound quality of 1411 kb/s in default. Subscribers of HiFi Plus will have a massive 9216 kb/s sound quality at most. In these cases, you'll also be able to download and listen offline with the ability of jumping from song to song as you desire.

People will have the ability to get informed about the streaming data and habits of listening to music, too. The HiFi Plus plan also supports Dolby Atmos and Sony 360, both of which gives an immersive 360-degree sound experience. Moreover, subscribers of Tidal HiFi Plus will have little extras as well.

The new plans will begin to roll out in the United States firstly, with the probability of a global roll out as well, later.  We hope the calculations of Tidal will work and significant editions will bring the awaited steps forwardly in every way possible. It's hard to tell what's going to happen from putting their 2 rivals' advantages together; we'll see.

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As it shows, Tidal wants to catch up to Apple Music and Spotify and with novelties, this has an absolute chance.

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